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Sometimes || an unconventional poem

Sometimes, I feel stuck. Why? Because. I’m not moving. And my heart. My heart, it desires adventure. It desires to beat. It thrives off of love. My feet are stuck though. I can’t move. I won’t move. “Don’t move,” they say. A rush of wind gushes past me. Thrill and adrenaline fill my lungs. For a moment. A second. I’m left. Left alone. Silence. Me. Alone. My subconscious screams a loud, “you’ve settled”. I take notice of the emptiness around me. Full of emptiness. The world. It’s like its purpose is to leave you. Stuck. Hopeless. It’s like purpose found and then lost. And I find myself thinking, for the way things could have been. Regret. Loss. Hope deferred. It could have been different.

Sometimes, I feel stuck. I feel confused. Frustration fills my mind. Clouded by lies. “There you go again, messing up like you always do”. And it’s not a one time deal. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You reap what you sow. I haven’t sown much. Stuck.    

Sometimes, I feel stuck. Like I’m just a pair of feet awaiting my close end as the quicksand entraps me. Swallows me. Whole. 

Sometimes, I feel stuck. Who am I? Purpose lost. Eyes blurred. Lost and insecure. The world whispers, “you are who I say you are.”

Sometimes, I feel stuck. But then there’s grace. There’s love. There’s hope. There’s joy. There’s peace. Everlasting. A full supply. Unlimited. Unconditional. No catch. Purpose found. Resurrection life. Home.

Sometimes, I feel stuck. But then I remember a promise overflowing with truth. Tied with a bow. Restoration.

Honest. Tea. A world that is full. Full of Love. 

Sometimes, I feel stuck. And then Jesus reminds me. Speaks life over me. Loud. And. Clearly. Reminding me. Calling forth the gold in me. 

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