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Pain de sucre

The ‘Pain de Sucre’ is a 2.5 km hiking trail close to my city. Do not let the short distance fool you. It was by no means an ‘easy’ trail (especially if you’re sporting cute sandals and a dress. Hey now, I wanted to look cute).

The trail was absolutely beautiful- situated on a mountain, the trail led you to a peak, with a glorious view. I don’t know about you, but I love myself a nice reward at the end of a long, cardio-induced hike. 

This trail was the most difficult out of all options available. I chose it with the desire to be challenged. I love challenges. I love the feeling of attempting something with passion, determination and sweat.  

The beginning of the trail was pretty easy. In all honesty, at the very start, I thought to myself, “the guy at the welcome center was totally exaggerating, this trail is eaaaasy peasy”. And it was. The beginning at least. However, the further along I hiked, the more I realized this so-called breathtaking view was going to cost me something. I started to feel it. My breathing became heavier, my legs were beginning to feel sore, and sweat began to lightly cover me from head to toe. With my water bottle in hand, I was determined to reach the peak— the promised land. Once I had counted the cost, I deemed this hiking adventure worthy of my time. 

There were moments during that trail where I needed to take a break. Relax. Catch my breath. Motivate myself. C’mon, you can do it. Only 1.5 km left. Almost there. There were moments where I was on a high- I trudged with purpose. There were moments I wanted give up all together. These many moments were all part of the process of getting from point A to point B(reathtaking). Without these moments that make up the process, I would have been saying “no” to growth and learning. There is always reason and purpose behind every process. 

Finally, I reached the peak. With excitement and anticipation, I climbed up the rock that would reveal to me the reward I had been waiting for this since the very moment I stepped foot on the trail. With struggle (I was in a dress), I made it up and slowly raised my head only to see something more beautiful than a picture could capture. From where I was standing, I could see an array of mountains, forests and homes. It was picturesque. Perfect. Glorious. The jewel on a crown. With the sun shinning and the wind gently blowing, I sat down on a nearby rock and allowed the beauty to sink in. 

You know that day, I realized that life is a lot like the Pain de Sucre hiking trail in St. Hilaire. We’re all on this journey, this path and we have this destination we want to reach: a flippin’ well-lived life. Along the way we experience moments of despair, utter confusion, complete sadness and disappointment. We experience pure bliss, extreme highs and extreme lows, sweet-sounding laughter and genuine love. Sometimes, we need a break. We get tired. Worn out. Sometimes, we need to push ourselves. I can do it. Ultimately, we just need to take it easy and enjoy the process. We need to understand that our entire lives are a process. In the process of life, we progress, we advance. Take a look at yourself now. Are you the same person you were five years ago? Most people would respond no, because they’ve experienced a series of changes/events that have resulted in who they are presently.

I love life. Yes, there are moments where it would be so easy to just give up and let the enemy (he’s real) win. But where would the fun be in that. We are all strong, capable, potential-filled human beings with purpose. God didn’t intend for you to live a life that isn’t enjoyable. So enjoy the ‘trail’ that you’re on because there’s a breathtaking view awaiting you. Just don’t forget to enjoy, and embrace the process (we all need the reminder, even I forget sometimes)!

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